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Lateral Lessons


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Lateral Lessons


Lateral Lessons allow us to take skills we've acquired in one area of our lives and apply them to another realm. When we do this we can accelerate our growth and our training at the same time. As speakers especially, there is an opportunity to add depth to our teaching and messaging through the exploration of lessons we've learned learned in all facets of our lives.

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The Road to the Red Circle


Lateral lessons Ep 01:

"Yes, and..."

The concept of "Yes, and..." (from improv theater) is an excellent starting point technique for performers and speakers alike.

Lateral lessons Ep 02:

Got Your Back

In improv theater, making one statement behind the curtain can add safety and trust to the entire cast. "I've got your back" will connect the performers and sets the stage for a powerful show.

Lateral lessons Ep 03:

Make a choice and then make it the right one

Initiating that first moment of momentum is often the hardest act. When we are willing to make a choice first - no mater what it is - we can follow that choice up with justification after the fact.

Lateral lessons Ep 04:

Make it more interesting

Any situation can become more interesting. With a simple mind set shift, a performance can go from good to unforgettable.

Lateral lessons Ep 05:

Change one thing, change everything

When we decide to make one change, no matter how small, this can have a beautiful ripple effect in all aspects of our craft.

Lateral lessons Ep 06:

Improv is dangerous

As a speaker, it's important that we take risks in our craft. We must push ourselves and try things that we've never tried before.

Lateral lessons Ep 07:

Prepare, don’t plan

Preparedness sets us up to have everything we need on stage. Planning can ruin a scene. As speakers we can take a queue from improv and have parts of our Talks where we simply react to whatever happens in the moment.


All fixed set patterns are incapable of adaptability or pliability. The truth is outside of all fixed patterns.

Bruce Lee