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  • After my TEDx Talk, my friend just asked me how much of your teachings impacted my first non-TED talk.
    My response?
    All of it.
    I outlined it like you showed me, I practiced it the way you teach and I remembered the “I have time” mantra and paused for laughter. I read and revised trying to ask myself what you would tell me to cut.
    Thank you for changing my life and my speaking. I won the speaking contest and a $2,000 prize and booked another speaking gig from another association that was there.
    In other words: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Tim Bauer Writer, Speaker
  • Giving a TED talk was incredibly rewarding, and one big reason was Kymberlee. She really knows the craft of storytelling, and she was willing to make sure I was telling the story I needed to tell. I was not always easy to work with, but she was patient when patience was needed and she was assertive when that’s what was needed. I trusted Kymberlee because I knew that she would be both honest and kind. About a week before the event, I was ready to pull out because I was feeling so anxious. Kymberlee was not phased — she listened to my rant, smiled with empathy and then got me refocused where I needed to be. So, here’s the bottom line — if you have the chance to get on the TED stage, do it! If you have the chance to have Kymberlee as your coach, definitely do it! Working with her was an incredibly worthwhile investment. I know that the final result was greatly enhanced by her expertise and her commitment.

    Dave Mochel Internationally Recognized Well-being Coach and Consultant. CEO at Applied Attention
  • I thought I had public speaking down pat. I’ve addressed audiences all over the world ranging from 62 to 1000 people. But going into that red circle at TEDx, and connecting with a vastly diverse audience on an idea that can be shared around the world is like moving to another planet. Kymberlee made that move effortless and exciting. As a former Green Beret, I have followed a lot of quality leaders and coaches, and I would follow Kymberlee anywhere… Especially into the red circle.

    LTC (Ret.) Scott Mann Green Beret, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Trainer, Coach and Author
  • I had the chance to work with Kymberlee on not one, but two TEDx talks. She has an innate ability to mine the diamonds in your story, and spin a web of connectivity and emotion in a way that serves the audience. She encourages you to step outside your comfort zone to ensure that you are playing to your potential, and lends you her confidence while you build your own. I can’t recommend her highly enough- if you are looking for a secret weapon- look no further- but be prepared to step into your greatness.

    Shelli Rae Varela Fire Captain, TEDx Speaker, Founder of The Yes Effect Show
  • I wanted to take another moment to thank you. I know that you are aware of the impact you make on people, but I have to tell you that you really helped me become a better communicator, and I will use these tools for the rest of my life as I work and play to make our world more just for those who deserve more, and for those of us who have it made. Much love to you and your craft.

    Alberto Retana Executive Vice-President, Community Coalition, South LA, CA

Who Is This Kymberlee Person?


Kymberlee, aka the Strategic Samurai, is obsessed with the art of speaking and she shares her experience behind the microphone with others.

She has coached over 150 TEDx speakers and has worked with organizations and individuals who desire to enhance their public communication skills and crystallize their messages. She has been influenced by thirteen years attending the annual TED conference and producing six TEDx events, including TEDxSantaBarbara.

Her specialty is in discovering a speaker’s core idea and transforming it into a message the world needs to hear through story, structure and staging.