Here are first-hand experiences with Strategic Samurai:

  • Working with Kymberlee has changed my life. She is 100% there for you, she is generous, and she knows how to take you from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ She holds your hand through the process of creating a TEDx talk, as well as all the aspects of performance on stage. Kymberlee is not just an excellent coach and business strategist, she is family.

    Unni Turrettini Attorney, Author & TEDx speaker
  • Before working with Kymberlee my stories were long winded, chaotic, and lacked anything resembling a punch. Thankfully, I found Kymberlee well before taking the stage at TEDx Santa Barbara and my life has never been the same since. Now I use well-crafted, hard-hitting stories in every single area of my business and marvel at the power they have to influence and create the change I want, no matter who I’m speaking to. Stories are my new secret weapon and Kymberlee is the only person I trust to take them from good to life changing. Trust me: you need stories, and you need Kymberlee.

    Traver Boehm
  • After being invited to give a talk at TEDxOakland last October, I suddenly realized that I had no idea HOW to give that sort of talk, and began to panic quietly. Fortunately, I found Kymberlee through an acquaintance, and she graciously took me on, even though we only had 2 and a half weeks to prepare. What I learned was astonishing, not only in its elegance and simplicity but its power. She gave me insight into the most potent ways to convey a story while helping me (re)learn the connection between mind and body. She also created a mental space for me to open up about how I felt about my subject so that what I said, I MEANT. All too often, people rehearse endlessly to get a talk down but lack the key component – to tell the raw truth in front of others without being afraid. She gave me that freedom, which is expanding to cover many other forms of communication that I do every day. Thank you, Kymberlee. I will be back for tune-ups in the future.

    Beth Anderson Co-founder, CEO, Arkitek Scientific
  • I thought I had public speaking down pat. I’ve addressed audiences all over the world ranging from 62 to 1000 people. But going into that red circle at TEDx, and connecting with a vastly diverse audience on an idea that can be shared around the world is like moving to another planet. Kymberlee made that move effortless and exciting. As a former Green Beret, I have followed a lot of quality leaders and coaches, and I would follow Kymberlee anywhere… Especially into the red circle.

    LTC (Ret.) Scott Mann Green Beret, Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Trainer, Coach and Author
  • Giving a TED talk was incredibly rewarding, and one big reason was Kymberlee. She really knows the craft of storytelling, and she was willing to make sure I was telling the story I needed to tell. I was not always easy to work with, but she was patient when patience was needed and she was assertive when that’s what was needed. I trusted Kymberlee because I knew that she would be both honest and kind. About a week before the event, I was ready to pull out because I was feeling so anxious. Kymberlee was not phased — she listened to my rant, smiled with empathy and then got me refocused where I needed to be. So, here’s the bottom line — if you have the chance to get on the TED stage, do it! If you have the chance to have Kymberlee as your coach, definitely do it! Working with her was an incredibly worthwhile investment. I know that the final result was greatly enhanced by her expertise and her commitment.

    Dave Mochel Internationally Recognized Wellbeing Coach and Consultant. CEO at Applied Attention
  • I had the chance to work with Kymberlee on not one, but two TEDx talks. She has an innate ability to mine the diamonds in your story, and spin a web of connectivity and emotion in a way that serves the audience. She encourages you to step outside your comfort zone to ensure that you are playing to your potential, and lends you her confidence while you build your own. I can’t recommend her highly enough- if you are looking for a secret weapon- look no further- but be prepared to step into your greatness.

    Shelli Rae Varela Fire Captain, TEDx Speaker, Founder of The Yes Effect Show
  • After my TEDx Santa Barbara Talk, my friend just asked me how much of your teachings impacted my first non-TED talk. My response? All of it.
    I outlined it like you showed me, I practiced it the way you teach and I remembered the “I have time” mantra and paused for laughter. I read and revised trying to ask myself what you would tell me to cut.
    Thank you for changing my life and my speaking. I won the speaking contest and a $2,000 prize and booked another speaking gig from another association that was there.
    In other words: thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Tim Bauer Writer, Speaker
  • Working with Kymberlee has been a fantastic experience. I’ve gained clarity and inspiration through her guidance. Attending the Strategically Speaking workshop was the best thing I’ve done to improve my public speaking.

    Garrett TeSlaa M.P.A. Host & Founder at The Squad Room
  • Kymberlee and her Strategically Speaking Workshop can be summed up in two words…Absolutely Amazing!
    Public speaking doesn’t come naturally for me. The exercises and tools that Kymberlee and her team provided helped me knock it out of the park at a recent speaking engagement I attended and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. You will love and appreciate attending one of Kymberlee’s workshops and will leave wanting more!

    Michelle Lee Owner/Narrative Loft
  • It was through the greatest stroke of luck that a friend connected me to Kymberlee. I had only four weeks to prepare an important speech and I was struggling with fear and overwhelm. The way in which Kymberlee helped me feels like a small miracle. She is exceptional at this work. So focused, so skilled. I learned so much through this process — things that will serve me in many other areas of my life. What Kymberlee delivered to me exceeded all my expectations. If you are considering working with her, I cannot recommend her highly enough. You will be in excellent hands. You will be so glad you found her. I know I am and, forever grateful.

    Elizabeth Duvivier Founder / Director, Squam Art Workshops
  • When TEDX Occidental College team embarked upon our first conference, we chose Kymberlee as our speaker coach. We had no idea that she would become part of the team, providing expertise in supporting organization of our inaugural event and elevating our speaker /experience and relations. Our global group of speakers included students who were in many cases publicly speaking for the first time. Her work included support in honing their overall presentations and providing clarity and movement coaching. Overall a great experience. She is precise, organized, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

    Sherry Simpson Dean Executive Strategist/Professor, Opportunity Green/Occidental College
  • If you have an open and learning spirit, Kymberlee Weil will blow your mind with her breakthrough thinking. Kymberlee resonates peace and genuine confidence that spreads. I am an avid reader of personal development and a believer in the power of the right mindset. Despite years of thinking in this area, Kymberlee’s strategic samurai presentation caused me to have a breakthrough thinking moment. If you seek personal improvement or know of a group of people who need it, Kymberlee will get you all down the path to being a more powerful thinker and person.

    Mark Russell CEO & Co-founder of Elevate, Boise, Idaho
  • Kymberlee showed off her Strategic Samurai and team building skills at a recent conference I attended, and I have nothing but positive memories of the experience. Her insights transcended business into the personal realm, and I still keep her message, “See past the obstacle” near my desk! Her presence was both warm and commanding, and she captivated all of us with the power of her message.

    Anna Patrick Associate Digital Publicist at Media Connect, New York, NY
  • My experience with Kymberlee was at a recent conference attended by some pretty savvy business leaders. She led us through a high energy exercise that really resonated with the group. The message was elegantly simple, the impact significant. It was a difficult assignment—given the audience. Nice job Kymberlee!

    Bill Wiersma Author and Speaker, San Francisco, CA
  • Kymberlee’s Strategic Samurai presentation was a valuable, inspiring experience. She has seamlessly integrated her experiences in the business world into transformational pearls of wisdom that encourage us to push beyond plateaus of fear and complacency to achieve our highest personal and professional potential. I would absolutely recommend Strategic Samurai for those looking to up their game.

    Heather Green Founder & CEO, Sprout Concepts, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Kymberlee embodies the heart and soul of a TEDx event, and it was an incredible honor to work with her on TEDxAmericanRiviera. Every year the speakers selected were unrivaled, an effort Kymberlee led. She was incredible at selecting speakers, but more importantly at working with them to hone their presentations and messages. TEDxAmericanRiviera was the success that it was because of Kymberlee’s tireless energy, unmatched work ethic and passion for what she does.

    Tami Sherman Partner, Elements Meetings and Communications, Santa Barbara, CA
  • I was privileged to be invited to speak at Kymberlee Weil’s TEDxAmericanRiviera event. I have been involved in many high quality live events, including other TEDx events, and honestly, it was the most organized, well-prepared, grade A+, enjoyable speaking event I’ve ever participated in. Much of that credit goes to Kymberlee’s vision, professionalism, attention to detail, and passion for being a catalyst for changing the world. Not only was the event meticulously crafted, Kymberlee also made herself available as a coach to the speakers, helping us knit our often “all over the map” threads of message into a perfect tapestry of “ideas worth spreading.” Two highly enthusiastic thumbs up!

    Lissa Rankin, OB/GYN Author, Artist and Founder of Owning Pink, San Francisco, CA
  • Kymberlee knows what it takes to craft a talk that motivates the masses. As a speaking coach, she intuitively knows how to hone what you say and how you say it to ensure you convey your message with clarity and confidence. I would work with her again (and again . . . and again).

    Nikki Groom Ink slinger for extraordinary women entrepreneurs, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Kymberlee, well, this was the first time I’ve ever been coached as you know. Twenty+ years of paid public speaking, and you’re the first. You made me look into each thought for its deeper meaning, made me stretch for a title that would motivate, made me aware of the length of each story as it threads to the moral. For all of this, thanks. Quite an experience, this.

    Dave Berkus Speaker, Author, Consultant and Investor
  • I wanted to take another moment to thank you. I know that you are aware of the impact you make on people, but I have to tell you that you really helped me become a better communicator, and I will use these tools for the rest of my life as I work and play to make our world more just for those who deserve more, and for those of us who have it made. Much love to you and your craft.

    Alberto Retana Executive Vice-President, Community Coalition, South LA, CA
  • As someone who has limited experience with public speaking and who is not very comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, I was nervous about delivering a TEDx talk to my school community. Kymberlee, however, helped me get to a place where I not only felt comfortable speaking to a room of hundreds of people but confident as well. Kymberlee was instrumental in guiding me through the articulation of my idea and provided specific, honest feedback throughout the entire process. Not only did she give practical and necessary guidance during the development stage of my talk, she also made sure to make me feel emotionally supported before and after I actually gave my talk. With Kymberlee’s invaluable insight, I was able to give my talk with assurance and clarity.

    Cordelia Kenney First time TEDx Speaker, Occidental College, CA
  • Kymberlee, you have a unique ability to focus our ideas in a way that is more important – and of broader importance – it is a very unique type of creativity . The way in which you managed to direct and expand the thoughts of such different topics is unmatched – it required that you had a genuine interest and focus on extraordinarily different areas. You have a very unique and eclectic intellect- and I have several friends with nobel prizes. Well done.

    Richard G. Pestell, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.B.S, M.D. (Hon Causa), F.A.C.P., F.R.A.C.P., M.B.A. Director, Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University, Associate Dean, Cancer Programs, Jefferson Medical College and Vice President, Oncology Services, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • Thank you so much, Kymberlee! Your help throughout this process has been invaluable. Never could have done it without you!

    Brian Erickson First time TEDx Speaker, Occidental College, CA
  • I will always remember the wisdom you provided about looking beyond the obstacle.

    Angela Fletcher Management Consultant, Aspiring Author & Philanthropist, Atlanta GA
  • You don’t know what to expect when you walk up that board Kymberlee is holding for you to “break through.” Needless to say when you break through your board you feel like you can conquer the world. Kymberlee’s seminars build confidence, team energy, and camaraderie. I haven’t felt closer to my team in ages and it’s all thanks to Kymberlee’s expertise and presentation. Thank you for an amazing experience! The unconventional experiences are always the most lasting.

    Kyle Svenningsen Owner, InStyle Technologies, Santa Barbara, CA
  • What an empowering experience! I was filled with fear and anxiety as my turn approached, could I really break that thick board? Will I break my hand or wrist? I hope I don’t fail!…but with Kymberlee’s easy manner, technical skill and focused guidance I broke the board not only easily, but totally painlessly. It was amazing & exhilarating! I knew right then I could conquer anything I put my mind to. Harnessing my internal focus with her guidance was so powerful, I was completely blown away… as was the entire room of over 150 women whom she helped succeed that day! You have to do this, truly life changing!

    Linda Lockwood Business Consultant & Accountant, Port Townsend, WA
  • Kymberlee was masterful at organizing a room of over 100 women, inviting them to state their innermost desire and seeing past the barrier of wood to what lay on the other side: its manifestation. The fear and doubt I had before walking up to the board did not match the exhilaration I felt coursing through my body when I broke through. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. To this day, and each day, I am reminded of my desire and the image of it on a red rose. Powerful and life changing.

    Joelle Lydon, MA, CPC Relationship Coach, Albany, NY
  • It was such a fantastic empowering experience! I can still remember how my entire body tingled with excitement before, during, and after the exercise. I was also nervous, but I witnessed how each person surprised themselves with their own power. When it was my turn, the look on Kymberlee’s face transmitted her calm confidence and I was reassured that I was in safe hands. It felt like pure electricity going through my body. It was such an amazing team-building exercise and it taught me so much about myself. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

    Lai Har Cheung Holistic Health Counselor, Philadelphia, PA
  • I thought this would be just pure fun. I had no idea of the fear that would surge through my body as I anticipated my turn. As my heart pounded I thought “I wonder if I can do this?!!!” With Kymberlees’s guidance and steady gaze I summoned my inner strength and BAM!!! I not only broke through the board but conquered my fear. I left that day feeling like I could do ANYTHING! Thanks Kymberlee for showing me that you can LOOK feminine and beautiful and be strong and fierce at the same time. I am forever changed by this experience.

    Sophie Solomon Realtor at Royal Lepage Estate Realty, Toronto, Canada
  • Kymberlee’s board breaking seminars are amazing. Her presentation framed our experience so that the impossible seemed possible. She has a strong and serene presence that brings forth our own inner warrior. I loved how her spiritual philosophy inspired me to see what is possible for myself. This seminar is the perfect way to give your team a way to break through any barriers and take them higher!

    Andrea Gaines Wellness Coach, Chicago, IL